We are a church committed to glorifying God, proclaiming the gospel, and regularly gathering as His people. Our online connections class aims to provide you with a profound understanding of our church’s Vision & Values. By taking this class, you are taking the first step on your journey towards becoming a member of our church family. We sincerely hope that you not only find joy in learning, but also experience spiritual growth and encouragement, regardless of your decision to join us as a member.

Part 1 : An Introduction to our Church

Rather than just going through the motions as a spectator at our church, get an inside look into why we exist as a church and why we do what we do.


Part 2 : The Importance of Doctrine

Does doctrine divide people? Or is doctrine a means for church unity?


Part 3 : Glory, Gospel, Gathering

Take a deep dive into the mission statement of our church. Dependent upon scripture, we examine why these three words encapsulate our church’s ultimate purpose.


Justin Windham

Lead Pastor/Instructor

Follow along with Pastor Justin as he gives a broad yet thorough overview of the purpose and mission of our church.

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