Join us for a free luncheon to discuss the homelessness crisis in Carlsbad and explore biblical and practical ways to live out the call to love the poor and needy in our midst.

Homelessness in Carlsbad and in the US has risen dramatically over the past year. As Christians, God calls us to love our neighbors and to care for the least of those among us. 

Join us for a look at the current situation in our community and how to connect it to our calling as disciples. We will hear various experiences and perspectives, address popular misconceptions, and explore potential practical action. 

Let’s make the most of how God has blessed us to pour out His love to others!

Workshop Outline:

  • Intro to topic/vision
  • Open sharing – people’s current perspective/experiences with vulnerable populations
  • What does the Bible say?
  • Current situation in Carlsbad
  • Our calling as Christian neighbors; our capacity to be involved (practical steps, long term vision)