Our Mission

We exist to call people into a growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through living out our Devotion to God, His People, and the World.


Devoted to God, we strive to know, love, honor, and obey God no matter what the cost.
Devoted to His People, we aim to fellowship deeply and develop authentic community with one another.
Devoted to the World, we live to demonstrate God’s love and share the good news of Jesus Christ with everyone.


To live out our mission, we must desire spiritual health as a local body of believers, emphasizing the study of Scripture, engaging in an active prayer life, and practicing discipleship toward spiritual maturity.

It is our expectation that healthy church’s grow, seeing people entrust their lives to Christ, be baptized, get actively involved in ministry, sharing the gospel with others.

Ultimately, the health and growth of the local church will lead to going out and planting new churches (that do similarly), creating exponential growth of God’s people around the world.

These components of our vision can most readily become a reality when each individual member of Faith Community Church can effectively answer and live out their responses to the following questions.


Who am I created to be?
What am I created to do?
Where am I best positioned to do it?
No matter where you are at in the process, we want to come along side of you, encourage, equip, and edify you to live out your faith in community with one another.

We exist to live out our…

to GOD

Devotion to
God’s People

Devotion to
The World