As Christians, we’ve become confused about power, rule, and rights. We’ve joined the world in constructing our own little territories while forgetting about the kingdom God has built and continues to build. But to find the truth about our citizenship, we must return to Jesus’ parables and stories in the Book of Matthew, where He spoke of God’s kingdom often.


-Explore the kingdom of God in-depth, learning what the kingdom of God is, and how we enter it.

-Embrace the life Jesus offers us within the kingdom and the way we find joy as His subjects.

-Understand how the ways, values, and cultivation of the kingdom of God define who we are.

-Learn to confront our allegiances to idols and false kings, re-ordering our worship.

-Identify our places in the kingdom of God and how we can join in the work that God is doing here and around the world.

-Begins Thursday, Sept. 2nd at 6:30pm at the church campus.
-Meets every other Thursday (Ends on 12/2. 7 sessions total)
-Purchase your own copy of Seek First the Kingdom either at church for $15 or on Amazon or other sellers.
-Complete chapter 1 before our first session.
-Childcare is available (Cost per session: $5 for first child, $8 for two children, $10 for 3/max per family–can be paid as you go)

Please email us if your child will be utilizing the childcare so we can appropriately plan.

Faith Community Church
2700 Rancho Pancho
Carlsbad, CA 92009